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Available on iOS and Android 8/21/2019

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Watch this video to learn what Huggery is, then download from iTunes or Google Play the integrated Marketplace, Business, or Driver app. Connect with us also on social media and join the growing online community marketplace today!

Through Carbon Offsetting, Huggery is encouraging communities in the U.S. to plant more trees. What better way to do it then in your own backyard.

Our Mission

Huggery is a map-based marketplace app for local gardening professionals and tree huggers, that's purpose is to promote green initiatives. Our complete Huggery Eco-System allows for local nurseries, gardeners, landscapers, oganic growers, delivery drivers and consumers to get more trees planted in the ground.

One of our app features is the "Tree-R Tag" system, which helps verify and display trees planted on our geo-tagging map. Sharing Tree-R tags encourages more planting, helps bring people and nature together through environmental awareness.

Visit the Huggery Foundation to learn more about carbon off-setting. Click Here

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Discover garden professionals near you! Get trees & plants delivered into your yard on-demand. Support your local garden professionals and the environment.


Huggery and 1 Billion Trees

Improving the environment by encouraging its members to put more trees and plants into the ground is Huggery's business model. Join natures biggest advocate "Huggery" to support your local nurseries and the environment as we work towards planting 1 Billion trees nationwide.

With 85 million owner occupied homes in America, just adding 12 trees in each yard would add a billion new trees.

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